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                BRAILLE SHOP STORE
For your convenience you may place an order online, by phone, fax or mail.  We accept:   Purchase Orders, Checks, Money Orders, PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.    (Order Form) 

Please note:  There is a minimum shipping and handling fee of $7.00.  Sales tax will apply where applicable.  All prices are in US Dollars. 

Children�s Braille Books
Our children�s books include tactile images.  These books are suitable for young children learning Braille and those who are reading Braille.  We offer books for early development of tactile reading skills to assist with school curriculum for learning.   

Braille Education Tools
These are great instructive tools and we offer calendars, famous international landmarks and sequencing cards that demonstrate how parts of objects combine to create meaningful images. 

Raised Print Coloring Books
Children are encouraged to engage in coloring activities.  For most children this is an enjoyable activity that helps to develop basic skills and allows them to experience success.  Raised lines provide guidelines for coloring each section of the image. 

Tactile and Braille Maps
Tactile maps as well as other tactile are available. 

Raised Line Drawings for Special Needs
Tactile Vision, Inc. is now developing a new line of products which are intended for use by children with various disabilities. 

Our printing technique was specifically developed to provide an efficient and economic method of producing raised print images of graphic content which you will find prevalent in our printed material.   
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